Personal Bio

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Moji Oluwa comes with a strong athletic background in soccer, gymnastics, track & field, & Olympic weight lifting. He is currently a Strength/Personal Trainer and posing choreographer in Los Angeles with over 23 years experience in sports and training. Moji has trained with the top coaches in Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada & the United States.

At the 1994 Commonwealth games in British Columbia, he won 2 gold and a bronze medal in the light weight division in Olympic lifting. Moji served as Captain of the Nigerian Olympic Weightlifting team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

After the Olympics, Moji went into bodybuilding and is now an IFPA pro. He has won over 25 first places, over 15 overall and over 5 Best Poser awards. In July, Moji placed second in the IFPA International Pro show in Sacramento. He travels all over guest posing at bodybuilding shows. Moji is a PROLAB sponsored athlete.

Moji’s goal is to promote natural bodybuilding and to educate people on living a healthy fit lifestyle.


Date of Birth: March 27, 1973
Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
Gym: North Hollywood Gold’s Gym

1994 Commonwealth Weightlifting Gold Medalist, 2 Gold, 1 Bronze
1996 Member of Nigeria Olympic Weightlifting Team
1996 SPEC Champion
1996 Venice Beach Classic Physique Weightlifting Open Division, 1st Place/Best Lifter Open
1997 California State Weightlifting Champion MVP/Best Lifter

1997 ACBA Baldwin Hills Novice Short, 1st Place
1997 ACBA Long Beach Classic Novice Short, 1st Place, Novice Overall
1997 ACBA Baldwin Hills Open Short, 1st Place, Open Overall, Best Poser
1998 Ironman Magazine Champions Lightweight, 2nd Place
1998 World Musclemania Lightweight, 4th Place
1998 Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championship Lightweight, 1st Place
1999 World Musclemania Lightweight, 2nd Place
1999 ACBA LA Valor Classic Open Short, 1st Place, Open Overall, Best Poser
1999 ACBA Long Beach Muscle Classic Open Short, 1st Place, Open Overall, Best Poser
2000 World Wide NPC Max Muscle Naturals Middleweight, 3rd Place
2000 Venice Beach Classic Middleweight, 1st Place, Best Overall, Most Muscular
2000 NPC Los Angeles Bodybuilding & Fitness Championship Middleweight, 1st Place
2000 ACBA LA Valor Classic Open Short, 1st Place, Open Overall, Best Poser
2001 Max Muscle Los Angeles Middleweight, 4th Place
2001 ABA/INBA Honolulu, Hawaii Daily Iron Works Muscle Classic ABA/INBA Natural Olympia Qualifier Open Short, 1st Place
2001 World Wide NPC Ironman/Ironmaiden Bodybuilding & Fitness Unlimited Men’s Middleweight, 3rd Place
2002 Musclemania Atlantic (Connecticut) Welterweight, 3rd Place
2002 ABA/INBA California Natural Bodybuilding Championships Open Short, 1st Place, Open Overall
2002 ABA/INBA International Forever Natural Bodybuilding Championships, Las Vegas Open Short, 1st Place, Open Overall, Pro Status
2003 NPC Max Muscle Naturals Men’s Unlimited Middleweight, 1st Place Men’s Unlimited Overall Champion
2003 INBF Capitol City Natural Bodybuilding Championships Middleweight, 1st Place, Best Poser
2003 Baldwin Hills Classic Open short….1st Place Overall winner
2004 NPC Pacific USA, Unlimited Mens  Middleweight,  1st  Place & Overall Winner
2004 NPC Cal State, Unlimited Mens  Middleweight, 1st Place
2004 NPC Los Angeles, Unlimited Mens  Middleweight,  2nd Place
2005 NPC Contra Costa, Unlimited Mens  Middleweight, 3rd  Place
2006 NPC California State, Unlimited Mens  Middleweight, 1st  Place
2007 NPC Tournament of Champions, Unlimited Mens Middleweight, 1st Place & Overall Winner
2007 Stingrey Hawaiian Classic, Unlimited Mens Middleweight, 1st Place
2008 NPC California State, Unlimited Mens Middleweight, 1st Place
2008 NPC Excalibur Bodybuilding Championships, Mens Unlimited, 2nd Place
2009 INBF Capital City Natural Bodybuilding Championships, Mens Open, Middleweight,
1st Place, Overall & Pro Card
2009 IFPA Pro Mens International, 5th Place (my debut as a Pro)
2009 Arnold Classic Amateur Bodybuilding Championships, 10th Place
2010 IFPA Capital City Pro Natural Bodybuilding Championships, 4th Place (2nd Pro show)
2011 IFPA Capital City Pro Natural Bodybuilding Championships, 2nd Place (3rd Pro show)
2012 IFPA Pro USA Natural Bodybuilding Championships, 1st Place (4th Pro Show)
2012 IFPA Pro Natural Bodybuilding Championships, 2nd Place & Best Poser (5th Pro Show)



1996 Olympic Weightlifter, Commonwealth weightlifter – won 2 Gold and 1 Bronze medal, SPEC Champion, California State weightlifting champion


24 First place
5 Second Place
3 Third Place
2 Fourth Place
13 Overall

35 shows

Pro Status (turned Professional 2009)
5 Shows:
#1 Fifth Place
#2 Fourth Place
#3 Second Place
#4 First Place
#5 Second Place & Best Poser

Moji In The Press:

Spring 2012 – Muscle & Performance Magazine
Summer 2011 – San Francisco Examiner
Summer 2005 – I Am A Bodybuilder
Summer Olympics 1996 – Savannah News
Summer Olympics 1996 – Vanguard